Kindergarten Facility

Play Group
(24 months)
  • At Kids Republic toddlers are helped to sail through the transition from baby steps to giant leaps.

    Through our programme we encourage infant exploration while promoting cognitive, physical, social emotional and linguistic development.

(24-36 months)
  • Our programme helps young minds in excelling in language and cognition. It also exposes them to various wonders of nature to ignite the spark of questioning.

(3-4 Years)
  • At KIDZ Republic we prepare our busy bees to become smart preppers for smooth transition from a play environment to a formal school. Our classrooms include areas for playing and learning that create a safe and empowering environment.
(4-5 Years)
  • It is the last segment of montessori education. In this class children are prepared to hone their skills for graduating to primary segment e:g writing, reading, Maths concepts, development of senses etc. Classrooms are equipped with materials for engaging kids in practical learning of various concepts. Teacher guides each child to create his/her own learning pathway.


Kidz Republic Daycare will unleash your kid's creativity

We provide the best daycare services in the city. The kids are not only served nutritious and healthy diet but are also provided a clean and a safe environment to sleep and rest. The building is regularly fumigated and pest control treatment is done every year. Fire safety precautions are adopted to safeguard from any untoward incident. An online app is provided to the parents for regular updates and information. A dedicated staff of a daycare incharge alongwith her team of caretakers and an assistant teacher involves the kids in meaningful and age appropriate activities. They take every care to fulfill the needs of the young ones.


Our Objective

Kidz Republic is a preparatory school with a holistic approach. Our method of imparting education is not just restricted to books but we connect the child to nature, which is a great learning aid.The child is encouraged to enquire, explore and experience the day to day phenomena in his environment. A child’s education is the joint responsibility of parent and the school. To make this partnership beneficial to the child, we acquaint the parents to child psychology and needs through relevant and meaningful sessions by experts. It promotes positive parenting and nurtures happy children.

experiential learning.

connecting with nature

exploration and questioning

positive nurturing and happy children

  • Management

    Kids Republic is managed by Goodearth Foundation.

    They are the people of great vision and have made a mark in the field of education, industry and social service. It is their shared mission to usher a new age of meaningful education.

  • Grooming The Future Leaders

    We provide opportunities and environment to kids where they can develop and hone their leadership skills. They are groomed to speak on stage, face audience, work in groups and handle small responsibilities which go a long way in shaping their overall personality.

  • Beyond Classroom

    Dance, yoga, English conversation, story sessions through roof watching, puppetry, gardening and out - door educational trips are a few of the extra curricular activities incorporated seamlessly in the classroom curriculum.

  • Age Specific Skill Development

    Care is taken to provide opportunities to children so as to develop their age specific manipulative skills e.g holding a spoon, opening/closing a bottle cap, tearing, pasting, buttoning/unbuttoning etc. We have designed and included various activities in our curriculum to develop and enhance such skills in the children.

Our Vision

Kidz Republic School, Faridabad

aims to be an institution of

high ethical standards which creates

an effective learning environment

and is absolutely

free from fear.



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Mobile Updates

Get regular updates about all the activities done by your child in school.

Biometric Security System

To ensure custody of your child in safe hands, the school is equipped with a sate-of the-art biometric security system, dedicated for day care parents.

24X7 CCTV Surveillance

To give your child a safe and secure environment we offer 24 hours CCTV surveillance in school premises.

Nutritious Food

100% nutrition, 0% junk!

Exactly what they need!


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